What Kind Of Treatment Is Mona Lisa Touch

The body of woman is complex just like their entire being. They go through lots of changes and every stage of those differences affect their perspective about themselves. Sometimes, it is the mere reason they go through episodes insecurities and fears. These changes could often have huge side effects within their gynecological health. As a result, they feel massive interference in their personal lives and they often feel bad about it. To get through this, there is the Mona Lisa Touch in Santa Monica aiming to treat such delicate problems for ladies.

Apparently, the mere reason why these treatments were developed was to help women who used to have breast and uterine cancer battles. Even after they have survived the immense cancer challenge, they still are haunted with the side effects of medication, surgeries and the drugs that healed them.

They typically are not capable of going back to being normal just yet especially in areas that involves intimacy since most of these survivors suffers from genitourinary syndrome of menopause. They usually lose lots of estrogen level after their cancers were treated and because of that, they feel massive pain when they try to have intercourse with their partners.

GSM is a condition that makes the skin around vulva thin that it decreases its natural lubrication capabilities. Aside from that symptoms, it also causes burning sensation and urinary urgencies. They also have huge tendencies of having urinary tract infections. That being said, you could really imagine how devastating this could be for women both in emotional and physical levels.

Now, most people mistakenly thought that treatments like Mona Lisa touch are some kind of vaginal rejuvenation procedures when it actually is not. The purpose of this vaginal laser procedure is for medication and there are no hundred percent guarantee that it always has the capability of appeasing vanity.

This treatment was designed to heal vaginal tissue which were damaged. This kind of procedure is less invasive. In fact, it does not require any need of anesthesia at all. The whole procedure would only last for about eighteen weeks straight. Women who were able to undergo this kind of therapy has then reported positive effects and improvement in their intimate area.

Now, aside from those ladies who have had survived cancer, this particular therapy may also be suitable for those experiencing vaginal irritation. Those females who have relatively low estrogen levels are also recommended to go through such medication especially if their condition is quite sensitive to the extent of discomfort.

Other than that, this could treat dryness and itchiness on vagina, laxity, atrophy and other conditions related to the feminine parts of the body. The problem is that ladies are usually embarrassed about this issues and problems they are having. They usually keep it within themselves and it affects them a whole lot.

That is the reason why educating them about such medication is necessary. That way, they at least will understand that it can be treated and they no longer have to suffer any longer. Most of them have been through a lot already and they do not deserve to feel like there is something abnormal or insufficient about them.